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Colourful Egg Tray

Colourful Egg Tray

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Colourful Egg Tray by Ok Honey

Bring a splash of color and a dash of organization to your kitchen with the Colourful Egg Tray by Ok Honey. Designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, this ceramic egg tray is more than just a place to store your eggs; it's a statement piece that brightens your kitchen decor.


  • Material: High-quality, durable ceramic that's easy to clean and designed to last.
  • Capacity: Each tray holds up to 6 eggs, keeping them secure and accessible.
  • Color Classification:
    • White: A classic, clean look that complements any kitchen palette.
    • Green: A fresh, vibrant hue that brings a touch of nature into your home.
    • Yellow: Bright and sunny, this tray adds a cheerful pop of color.
    • Red: Bold and dynamic, perfect for adding a striking accent.

Dimensions: Perfectly sized for standard refrigerator doors and countertops, ensuring your eggs are always within reach.

Versatile Use: Beyond just eggs, use these trays for organizing small kitchen items, holding spices, or even as a decorative accent for jewelry and trinkets.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Packaged with care in eco-friendly materials, because we love the earth as much as you do.

About Ok Honey: At Ok Honey, we believe in the beauty of functionality. Our home goods are designed to add color, joy, and efficiency to your everyday life.

Add a Colourful Egg Tray to your kitchen today and brighten up your home with practicality and style!

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