Collection: Living Room Furniture

Enhance your living space with Maija's living room furniture! Our living room furniture collection includes everything you need to create a comfortable and stylish living space. We offer a wide range of seating options, including sofas, loveseats, armchairs, and recliners, all designed with comfort and durability in mind

Essential Furniture for Your Living Room

Imagine curling up with endless film marathons, cherishing late-night memories with loved ones, or indulging in soft Saturday morning brunches. These moments bloom in the heart of your home - the living room. Crafting a space that nurtures all these moods is essential.

Blessed with a spacious living room? Let your creativity soar with a plush, expansive sofa, transforming the room into a delightful haven for guests. Complement it with a matching coffee table and a pair or so of graceful armchairs, ensuring a gentle embrace for every cherished guest.

For those cherishing moments in cosier spaces, Maija offers solutions that radiate charm without compromising functionality. Perhaps a chic daybed or a sofa-bed, allowing your living room to effortlessly transform into a serene bedroom or a welcoming guest space. Accentuate with a storage-ample coffee table and a quaint pouffe, maximising every inch with Maija's magic touch.

The core to Your Bedroom Space

At the heart of every bedroom, lies the bed, a sanctuary where we drift into dreams, embracing a third of our lives. Yet, it's not just the bed that cradles our sleep; the ambiance plays a tender lullaby too. It beckons for a space infused with serenity and softness, echoing Maija's gentle touch.

Wrap your floors in a velvety rug, a warm hello for your morning toes. Layered curtains dance with elegance, offering light veils for privacy and thicker embraces for dreamy dimness. Paint your walls with tranquil hues; perhaps a deeper shade that nestles you into relaxation. Introduce wooden elements, like delicate racks for your attire or graceful bedside companions, adding an earthy calm. And remember, simplicity sings loudest in a bedroom; decluttered spaces often cradle the sweetest dreams.

With Maija, every element is curated to weave tranquillity into your bedroom. Dive into our range and let your room echo with gentle dreams.

Flexible Payment Options

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Maija's Furniture Warranty

Your satisfaction is paramount at Maija. If any piece of furniture doesn't resonate with your expectations, please reach out immediately. For faulty items, they are naturally exempted from standard return policies.