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Alien Scoop Standing Flower Pot

Alien Scoop Standing Flower Pot

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Brand: Yuanjie Home
Material: Crafted from eco-friendly Magnesium Clay
Style: A simple yet striking design that captures the essence of modern minimalism
Origin: Proudly designed and manufactured in Mainland China
Color Classification: Available in:

  • White (Large Size)
  • White (Small Size)
  • Black (Large Size)
  • Black (Small Size)
    Item Number: MN-GJBHQ-4

Charitable Cause: With each purchase, Yuanjie Home contributes a donation to charity projects, aiding those in need and fostering a spirit of community support.

Design and Features:

  • Modern Ink Decorative Pattern: Enhances the plant's presence and elevates the overall ambiance of any space.
  • Bowl-Shaped Wide Mouth: Offers convenience for planting and a visually appealing profile.
  • Thick Basin Walls: Ensures durability and longevity.
  • Smooth Bottom Design: Non-slip and sturdy, designed to be resistant to wear and tear. Natural unevenness in the joints adds to the unique handcrafted appeal.

Product Dimensions and Weight:

  • Large Size: 47cm x 66cm, approximately 5.8kg
  • Small Size: 22cm x 32cm, approximately 2.8kg

Versatility: This flower pot is suitable for an array of plants, from lush foliage and succulents to vibrant flowers and artificial arrangements, enhancing the creative and personalized touch to your home, garden, office, or any public space.

Unique Qualities: The Alien Scoop Standing Flower Pot boasts a distinctive silhouette reminiscent of a wine glass, imbuing your decor with creativity, personality, and unparalleled style.

Please Note: Slight variations in measurements are expected due to the manual crafting process, which adds to the individuality and charm of each piece.

Transform your living space with the Alien Scoop Standing Flower Pot from Yuanjie Home, merging functionality with art for an inspiring living experience.

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