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Ivy Lamp Shade

Ivy Lamp Shade

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Ivy Lamp Shade

Product Name: Ivy Lamp Shade
CCC Certificate Number: 2020011001350286
Brand: Other/Others
Model: D2211
Style: Simple and Modern
Origin: Mainland China

Color Classification:

  • Log Color [40CM] Warm Light
  • Log Color [40CM] Three-Color
  • Log Color [40CM] Infinite
  • Log Color [60CM] Warm Light
  • Log Color [60CM] Three-Color
  • Log Color [60CM] Promise
  • Log Color [80CM] Warm Light
  • Log Color [80CM] Three-Color
  • Log Color [80CM] Promise


  • Light Source: Yes
  • Voltage: 111V~240V (inclusive)
  • Lamp Body Main Material: Wood
  • Lampshade Main Material: Wood
  • Light Source Type: LED Lamp
  • Number of Light Sources: 1
  • Process: Other/Other
  • Illumination Area: 5㎡-10㎡, 10㎡-15㎡
  • Control Type: Other
  • Lampshade Auxiliary Material: Wood
  • Warranty Period: 3 Years
  • Lamp Body Auxiliary Material: ABS + Hardware Chassis
  • Smart Type: Does Not Support Intelligence
  • Smart Control: No
  • Lamp Shape: Chandelier
  • Number of Lamp Holders: 1
  • Chandelier Type: Wooden Chandelier

Description: The Ivy Lamp Shade is a stylish and modern chandelier that brings a touch of natural elegance to any space. Crafted from high-quality wood, this lamp shade features a simple yet sophisticated design that complements a wide range of interior styles. It is available in various sizes and color classifications, allowing you to choose the perfect lighting solution for your home.

Key Features:

  • Elegant Design: The simple and modern style of the Ivy Lamp Shade adds a chic touch to any room.
  • Versatile Lighting Options: Available in multiple color classifications and sizes, including warm light, three-color, and infinite options.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from durable wood, with an ABS and hardware chassis for added stability.
  • Efficient LED Lighting: Equipped with an energy-saving LED light source, providing bright and efficient illumination.
  • Wide Illumination Area: Suitable for spaces ranging from 5㎡ to 15㎡, making it ideal for various room sizes.
  • Long Warranty: Comes with a 3-year warranty for peace of mind.

Usage: Perfect for use in living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms, and more, the Ivy Lamp Shade provides a warm and inviting atmosphere. Its modern design and natural materials make it a versatile addition to any home decor.

Enhance your living space with the Ivy Lamp Shade, where simplicity meets modern elegance.

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