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Olivia Frameless Full Length Mirror

Olivia Frameless Full Length Mirror

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Olivia Frameless Full-Length Mirror

Brand: Panduoshi
Model: 2022.12.9 Arched Special Shape
Material: Ultra Clear Silver Mirror
Style: Simple and Modern
Shape: Arched and Square with Rounded Corners
Sizes & Installation Options:

  • Arched & Square Styles:
    • Sizes range from 120x40cm to 180x80cm
    • Options for paste/no punch installation or floor-standing/wall-mounted with dual-purpose brackets

Color Options:

  • Classic and Ultra White for both Arched and Square models

Placement: Hanging or Floor-standing/Wall-mounted
Customization: Not available
Storage Space: No
Origin: Hebei Province, Bazhou City

Style Positioning: Quality and Luxury

Product Highlights:

  • Versatility: Wall-mounted and floor-standing dual-purpose options, catering to different space and style needs.
  • Simplified Elegance: Frameless design in novel arch and square shapes, simplifying complexity to enhance any room.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Edge polishing and grinding ensure smooth edges for safety, while the baked bracket process ensures durability.
  • Clear and High-Definition Imaging: Utilizes float crystal white glass for 99% color reproduction, ensuring bright, soft images without chromatic aberration.
  • Environmental Consideration: Healthy, odor-free materials for a clear conscience and clear reflection.
  • Ease of Installation: Designed for hassle-free setup, with options for immediate use, including a free replacement policy for transport damages.
  • Stable Support: Bold and thickened brackets crafted from carbon steel with a spray coating process, providing stability and safety.

Transform your space with the Olivia Frameless Full-Length Mirror from Panduoshi. Whether you're dressing up for the day or adding a touch of elegance to your room, this mirror combines modern design with practical functionality, ensuring that it's not just a mirror, but a statement piece for your home.

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