Olivia Full Length Mirror

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Colour: Off-White
Style: 160*60

Olivia Full Length Mirror

Now in your residence, you can show your true nature.

Exquisiteness and Total Quality
We provide a comfortable and natural visual and tactile experience, emphasizing the quality that integrates seamlessly into your living space.

Safety First with Our Explosion-Proof Upgrade
Equipped with an explosion-proof membrane on the back, our mirror ensures safety and durability. In the rare event of damage, the high-quality explosion-proof wax prevents shards from scattering, making it safe and easy to handle.

Design That Returns to Family Values
The Olivia Full Length Mirror is crafted to foster a sense of belonging, creating a small world that resonates with the homeowner's spirit.

Emotional Progression Through Design
As you enter the room, let your emotions unfold with each layer of our thoughtful design, culminating in a state of complete relaxation.

Around the Life Design Regression
Enjoy the delicate interplay of light and elegance, as the mirror’s design speaks to a sophisticated lifestyle that is both simple and pure.

Product Parameters:

  • Name: Floor-standing Full-Length Mirror
  • Style: Simple, Nordic, Light Luxury
  • Material: Flannel + High-Definition Mirror
  • Colors: Off-White, Cream, Coffee, Moonlight Gray
  • Sizes: 160x60cm, 170x70cm, 180x80cm (±1cm measurement tolerance)

Our frameless mirror comes with professional safety screws and expansion plugs for a secure installation. The mirror stands approximately 1.5cm from the wall, with the hanging pieces able to support over 50kg.

Designer’s Note:
The essence of our design lies in subtraction, focusing on high-end tranquility and harmony. The velvet-edged, high-definition mirror is available in multiple colors, offering a soft touch and elegant appearance.

Selected Materials:
Crafted with flannel fabrics and HD glass mirror technology, our mirrors provide 99% color reproduction using float crystal white glass for a clear, undistorted reflection.Available Sizes and Configurations: Multiple, with options for bracket or wall mounting

Note: This product cannot be customized and does not include storage space.

PLEASE NOTE: to protect the Mirror during transport the package will be delivered with a supporting wooden frame. A hammer/mallet and or crowbar will be required to dismantle the outer frame.

Return Policy

We offer free 30 day returns! We hope you love your purchase but in the event that you would like to make a return, we can certainly help. Our team works to source and design the best quality pieces.

For more information on how to begin a return and return limitations please visit our Returns Policy page.

Product Origin

Maija is based in Sydney, NSW. All items ship from here, or our international warehouses in Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Ho Chi Minh City, etc.

Colour: Off-White
Style: 160*60


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