Vitamin Pill Cement Jewellery Tray

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Style: Peach (L)

Introducing the "Vitamin Pill Cement Jewellery Tray" by I.DEMAK, a beautifully crafted piece that brings the understated elegance of Nordic design to your home. It is more than just a tray; it's a statement of minimalist beauty and functionality.

Brand: I.DEMAK

Model: 0165

Material: High-quality cement

Style: Nordic, with a focus on simplicity and practicality

Before you decide to enhance your space with this unique item, here are some essential considerations:

  1. Each tray, made from robust cement, is nevertheless fragile. Handle with care to maintain its integrity.
  2. The natural occurrence of small pores and slight impurities during the crafting process adds to the uniqueness of each piece.
  3. The authentic stone/cement material, with its varied batches, may display slight color variations, adding to the product's distinctive character.
  4. Cement has strong adsorption properties; avoid contact with stain-prone items and clean promptly if spills occur.
  5. To preserve its pristine condition, shield the tray from sharp objects that could cause irreparable damage.
  6. With time, the surface of the tray may darken, each touch a testament to the passage of time, adding to its narrative.

The U-shaped cement storage tray, a masterpiece of fair-faced concrete technology, is tactilely pleasing with a soft, moist feel. Ideal for cradling your precious jewelry, its smooth, curved design is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing, doubling as a stylish decorative piece.

Embrace the philosophy of living fully, not merely repeating the same patterns. This tray, available in three colors – gray, white, and peach – and two sizes, serves as a reminder that the objects we use daily should evolve with us, bearing the warmth and memories of our touch.


  • Small (S): 120x120x35mm, Weight: 490g
  • Large (L): 230x120x35mm, Weight: 920g

Choose the "Vitamin Pill Cement Jewellery Tray" by I.DEMAK, and add a touch of Nordic-inspired serenity to your home. Let this tray hold your treasures and reflect the evolving story of your life.

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Style: Peach (L)


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