WENSHUO Fountain Flower Vase

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WENSHUO Fountain Flower Vase

Brand: Wen Shuo
Material: Ceramic
Style: French
Item Number: WS2305019

Color Classification:

  • Cream/Fountain·Quan Flower Vase
  • Kaya/Fountain·Quan Flower Vase

Vase Type: Countertop Vase
Applicable Scenarios: Living room, bedroom, desktop, bedside, home, festival, company, study, restaurant, TV cabinet, porch, antique shelf, model room, homestay

Product Description:

The WENSHUO Fountain Flower Vase combines French elegance with modern design, making it a perfect addition to any space. Crafted from high-quality ceramic, this vase features a unique lotus leaf bottle neck design and a lantern-shaped body, providing a sophisticated touch to your decor.

  • Design: The lotus leaf bottle neck and lantern-shaped body offer a distinctive and stylish look, ideal for displaying flowers and enhancing your interior decor.
  • Material: Made from premium ceramic, this vase ensures durability and timeless appeal.

Shopping Guide:

  • Craftsmanship: During the pottery making process, minor imperfections such as pinholes, uneven color glaze, or splicing marks may occur. These are normal and do not affect the vase's appearance or functionality.
  • Color & Size Variation: Due to different production batches, environmental lighting, and camera settings, the actual product may slightly differ from photos. Manual measurements may have minor discrepancies. Please refer to the actual product received.
  • Care Instructions:
    • Cleaning: Handle with care to avoid damage. Clean in a timely manner to maintain its pristine condition.

Product Details:

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Colors: Cream, Kaya
  • Dimensions:
    • Top Diameter: 12.2 cm
    • Mouth Diameter: 3 cm
    • Bottom Diameter: 6.5 cm
    • Height: 19.3 cm

Pre-Purchase Instructions:

  • Understanding Pottery: Embrace the inherent imperfections of pottery as part of its charm and character. Wen Shuo Home aims to establish a level of mutual trust and understanding with our customers, ensuring continued high-quality products and shopping services.


  1. Is the ceramic I purchased perfect?
    • There is a chance of minor imperfections such as black spots, splicing, pinholes, or uneven color glaze during the production of ceramics. These are normal and part of the charm of handcrafted pottery.
  2. What should you pay attention to when cleaning utensils?
    • Ceramic items are fragile. Handle them with care to avoid accidental damage. Clean in a timely manner to maintain their appearance.

Add the WENSHUO Fountain Flower Vase to your decor for a touch of French elegance and simplicity, designed to complement any modern interior.

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