Getting Your Products From the Source!

Understanding the True Cost of Your Furniture: The Journey from Source to Home

Have you ever pondered the real cost behind the price tag of your furniture? It's a mix of various expenses, some more apparent than others, and it greatly depends on where and how the furniture is sold.


In-Store Products: More Than Just Furniture

When you buy furniture from a physical store, you're not just paying for the item itself. The price includes the store's rental costs, the expenses of maintaining stock, salaries for staff like interior designers and stylists, and other operational fees. These overheads can significantly inflate the price of the furniture.


Products Shipped from Australia: A Cheaper Alternative?

Opting for furniture shipped from Australia might seem more budget-friendly initially, as these products don't carry the extra costs of a physical storefront. However, there are hidden expenses. Warehousing, stock management, and dealing with unsold, obsolete items can be challenging and expensive. These logistics and storage costs can constitute up to 40% of the furniture's price.


The Consumer's Burden

Ultimately, it's the consumer who bears these costs, which don't necessarily add value to your home. It raises the question: are you really getting what you pay for?


The Asian Edge in Furniture Export

Asia dominates the global furniture export market, thanks to its combination of affordable labor, abundant natural resources, and advanced technology. They're also quick to adopt international styles, offering a vast range of options. The affordability of Asian furniture is striking – people relocating to Asia often furnish their homes for a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere.


Maija's Approach: Direct and Cost-Effective

At Maija, we take a different approach. Our products are shipped directly from their country of origin. We charge for the product and a single shipping fee – unlike other retailers who may charge for multiple stages of transport (first to their warehouse and next to their customers). By eliminating middlemen and overseeing quality control in the countries of origin, we ensure you receive exactly what you pay for, at a lower cost.

In conclusion, understanding the various factors that contribute to your furniture's price can help you make more informed decisions. By choosing companies like Maija, which streamline the supply chain, you can enjoy quality furniture without unnecessary mark-ups.