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Abstract Colourful Painting Mug

Abstract Colourful Painting Mug

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Brand: Kumagaigumi
Material: Premium Ceramic
Capacity: Generous 301-400mL, perfect for your favorite beverages
Pattern: Whimsical Cartoon Animation
Style: Inspired by the elegance of Japanese aesthetics
Origin: Authentically crafted in Mainland China
Popular Elements: Vibrant hand-painted illustrations
Color Classification: Available in themes like Flower Field, Cotton Field, and Camping Adventure
Image Source: Presented in independent, actual photographs
For: Designed for adults and the general public
Craftsmanship: Produced with colored glaze technology, not handmade

  • Comfortable cup handle designed for an easy grip, preventing hand fatigue
  • Ingenious storage design, ensuring stability and space efficiency
  • High-temperature firing for durability and a glossy finish
  • Twice-fired ceramic material, robust and long-lasting with a vibrant color palette
  • Transparent color glaze to protect the mug’s color for years to come
  • Anti-slip bottom to safeguard your surfaces without scratching
  • Suitable for direct contact with food, making it a safe addition to your kitchenware

Design: Each mug features high-temperature decals that are both charming and durable, showcasing playful patterns that will delight you at heart.

Usage: Ideal for enjoying a coffee break at home or in the office, this mug is not only a container for drinks but a fashionable statement for your living space.

Care Tips: Manual measurement of dimensions may lead to slight discrepancies. As a ceramic product fired from earth and fire, variations such as tiny pinholes, small black spots, or slight unevenness are natural and attest to the craftsmanship.

Add a splash of artistic flair and contemporary style to your day with Kumagaigumi’s Abstract Colourful Painting Mug. Whether you’re sipping morning coffee or afternoon tea, this mug is a delightful companion that combines utility with soulful artistry.

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