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Acrylic Wavy Mirror

Acrylic Wavy Mirror

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Acrylic Wavy Mirror Collection

Experience a blend of modern art and practicality with the Acrylic Wavy Mirror, designed to infuse your space with light, style, and a unique contemporary twist.

Product Overview:

  • Brand: Artisan Mirrors
  • Material: Premium quality acrylic for a crystal-clear reflection
  • Style: Contemporary with a wavy, organic form
  • Shape: Unique alien silhouette
  • Color Options:
    • Glacier: A clear, ice-inspired look
    • Glacier Colorful: A vibrant take on the clear design
    • Water Ripple: Subtle texture, reminiscent of gentle water movements
    • Water Ripple Colorful: Textured with a hint of color

Available Models:

  • Plug-in or rechargeable options for flexibility
  • Stand or lightless models to suit your lighting preferences
  • Size variations: [160x60] for a full-length view, [170x70] for a more expansive reflection

Exclusive Features:

  • Soft Touch Lighting: Gentle on the eyes with uniform light distribution
  • High-Definition Quality: No distortion or deformation, for accurate reflections
  • Smart Touch: Intuitive operation with touch-sensitive controls

Charity Contribution:

  • With every purchase, we contribute to charity projects, reaffirming our commitment to community support.


  • Place it anywhere: Mount on the wall or stand on the floor
  • Suitable for diverse interiors: Homes, offices, model rooms, and more

Design Philosophy:

  • Drawn from a love for simplicity and serenity, our mirrors embody the freedom and beauty of minimalist design, enriching your space without overpowering it.

Customer Satisfaction:

  • Real buyer testimonials celebrate the addition of this striking piece to their decor.

Quality Assurance:

  • 16-step polishing process for a safe, smooth, and burr-free surface
  • Stable placement with an approximate weight of 10kg and anti-slip provisions included

Product Dimensions:

  • [Glacier/Water Ripple Standard]: 160cm x 60cm
  • [Glacier/Water Ripple Large]: 170cm x 70cm
  • Note: Measurements may have a tolerance of ±5mm

Delivery and Service:

  • [Collection + Shopping Cart] receive priority SF Express shipping
  • Dual-purpose bracket included for flexible installation

Discover the perfect balance of form and function with the Acrylic Wavy Mirror—a statement piece that reflects your personal style while ensuring each day begins with clarity and light.

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