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Aguirre Bedside Table

Aguirre Bedside Table

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Product Overview

The Aguirre Bedside Table from Luofuni, part of the Ocean Wave collection, is a masterpiece of contemporary design blended with functionality. Crafted from high-density artificial board, this cream-style piece offers a sophisticated and eco-friendly addition to your bedroom. The bedside table comes in a variety of elegant colors and is equipped with a unique one-touch night light feature, ensuring both style and convenience are at your fingertips.

Key Features

  • Integrated Lighting: Features a one-touch night light, with infinitely adjustable brightness to create the perfect ambiance for any moment.
  • Premium Material: Made from environmentally friendly solid wood and high-density fiberboard, ensuring durability and support for a healthy living environment.
  • Elegant Design: The Ocean Wave Bedside Table boasts a chic and unique design, with smart wave patterns and a wide storage countertop for all your bedside needs.
  • Comfort and Safety: The surface is covered with high-quality super fiber leather, offering a warm, delicate touch similar to genuine leather, but resistant to dirt and wear, and safe for all family members.
  • No Assembly Required: Fully assembled for your convenience, this bedside table lets you enjoy its beauty and functionality right out of the box.

Color Variations

  • Off-white, Premium Black, Milk White, Khaki - Each available with or without the one-touch night light feature.
  • All colors come with solid wood drawers, requiring no installation.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Luofuni
  • Model: Ocean Wave Bedside Table
  • Material: Artificial Board (Density Board/Fiberboard)
  • Style: Cream Style
  • Customizable: No
  • Doors: None
  • Additional Functions: With lights
  • Applicable Objects: Universal
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Dimensions: Available in 40x40x50cm, 45x40x50cm, and 50x40x50cm

Environmental Commitment

  • Low Formaldehyde Content: Meets and exceeds environmental standards for a healthier, safer bedroom environment.
  • Eco-Friendly Construction: The use of all solid wood for the drawer guides underscores Luofuni’s commitment to sustainability and durability.

Customer Experience Highlights

  • Versatile Colors: Hand-selected by designers for a French elegant, high-end color matching experience, ensuring a perfect fit for any decor.
  • Nighttime Convenience: The smart LED night light offers a soft, non-dazzling light, ideal for nighttime use without disturbing others.


  • Measurement Variance: Due to manual measurement, expect a minor variance of 1~3cm between listed and actual product dimensions.
  • Color Accuracy: Product colors may vary slightly due to device and monitor settings, though every effort is made to ensure accuracy.

Embrace elegance, innovation, and environmental consciousness with the Aguirre Bedside Table by Luofuni—a stylish, practical, and eco-friendly choice for your bedroom.

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