Aquarius Ceramic Rice Bowl Set

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Colour: Red
Quantity: 5-piece Set
With Gift Box: No

Experience the fusion of traditional charm and modern sophistication with the Aquarius Ceramic Rice Bowl Set by KROKORI. This exquisite collection is designed to elevate your dining experience with its minimalist Japanese style and serene color palette.


Material: High-quality porcelain, crafted for longevity and health safety

Style: Japanese, celebrating clean lines and simplicity

Origin: Authentically made in Chaozhou City, a place renowned for its exquisite porcelain

Pattern: Solid color, offering timeless elegance

Shape: Round, embodying the Japanese philosophy of simplicity and harmony

Color Classification:

  • Twilight red
  • Misty green

Set Composition:

  • Five-piece rice bowl set available with or without a gift bag, perfect for personal use or as a thoughtful present

Bowl Mouth Diameter: 4.5 inches, ideal for a satisfying serving of rice or other dishes

Tea Tableware Craftsmanship: Colored glaze for a vibrant finish

Category: Specifically crafted for steamed rice but versatile for various culinary uses

Product Details:

  • Each bowl is a testament to the craft of porcelain making, with a grouting port that marks its birth
  • Finished with a matte ceramic texture, these bowls are meant to age gracefully with use
  • Though matte ceramics may bear unavoidable marks, these are not flaws but rather distinct characteristics of the material

Maintenance Tips:

  • For dishwasher use, select the "porcelain and crystal" function for optimal care
  • If residue occurs, soaking and gentle scrubbing are recommended

Please Note:

  • The bowls may present minor deviations in size and occasional small imperfections, which are inherent to manual inspections and do not detract from their beauty or function

KROKORI introduces bowls that not only serve as vessels for food but also as decorative pieces that contribute to the aesthetics of your table setting. Available in Twilight red and Misty green, these bowls add a touch of sophistication to any meal.

The Aquarius Ceramic Rice Bowl Set is an invitation to bring a sense of tranquility and refined taste to your table, perfect for those who cherish both the beauty and practicality in their kitchenware.

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Colour: Red
Quantity: 5-piece Set
With Gift Box: No


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