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Arabella Metal Side Table

Arabella Metal Side Table

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Introduce elegance and functionality into your living space with the Arabella Metal Side Table, a perfect embodiment of modern simplicity and fashionable design.

Material: Crafted from high-quality iron, ensuring durability

Style: Cream style with a touch of Nordic influence

Shape: Round, inviting a sense of harmony and continuity in any room

Installation: Comes completely assembled for hassle-free setup

Color Options:

  • Cream with brick red [Combination size: Diameter 60cm + 40cm]
  • Cream with matte black [Combination size: Diameter 60cm + 40cm]


  • Large size: Diameter 60cm, Height 42cm
  • Small size: Diameter 40cm, Height 55cm (available in brick red, matte black, and cream)

Finishing Process: Painted for a smooth, flawless finish

Customization: Not customizable, but available in multiple sizes to suit diverse spaces

Origin: Crafted with care in Xiamen City, Fujian Province

Packaging Volume: 0.5

Style Positioning: Simple yet fashionable, a statement piece for any interior

Dimensions: 60x60x42cm for the large table

Product Features:

  • One-piece design that ships ready to use, removing the complexity of installation
  • Varied sizes available to fit different house types and spaces seamlessly
  • Hourglass-shaped coffee table that combines style with practicality
  • Cream and caramel colors offer a naturally French aesthetic
  • The stable and round base provides balance and prevents tipping
  • Environmentally friendly paint safeguards your family's health
  • Hand-polished edges ensure the table is safe to touch without any sharpness
  • The robust round base and Roman column design add stability and a touch of classical architecture

Usage Versatility:

  • The Arabella Metal Side Table is not confined to one role; it's versatile enough to serve as a bedside table, a side table, a balcony leisure table, or part of a coffee table ensemble
  • Designed especially for compact spaces without overwhelming the area

Durability and Safety:

  • High-precision carbon steel construction, paired with a large tabletop, supports a variety of items
  • Rounded table corners are family-friendly, reducing the risk of injury from sharp edges

Aesthetic Appeal:

  • The side table's cream hue brings a simple yet extraordinary touch to life, blending seamlessly with any interior decor
  • Aesthetically pleasing, it is both a functional furniture piece and an artful addition to your home

The Arabella Metal Side Table stands as a testament to a well-designed piece that marries the strength of metal with the softness of its cream tones, making it an enduring companion for your living room or any corner of your home that needs a touch of class.

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