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Asuka Solid Wood Coffee Table

Asuka Solid Wood Coffee Table

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Asuka Solid Wood Coffee Table

Brand: Miaozun
Material: Wood (Fir wood)
Style: Wabi-sabi
Shape: Square
Installation Method: Full decoration
Popular Elements: Old logs
Decoration Material: Wood
Structure Technology: Wood carving
Finishing Technology: Distressed painting
Customizable: No
Rollers: No
Doors: No
Storage Space: No
Origin: Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, Minhou County
Assembled: No
Packaging Volume: 0.3 cubic meters
Pre-sale Available: Yes
Transportable by Taxi: Yes
Coffee Table Corner Shape: Square
Style Positioning: Artistic style
Dimensions: 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.35 m

Product Information


  • Solid fir wood with a square shape enhances any decorative space with a blend of functionality and style.
  • Features natural imperfections like bug holes, knots, and scars, celebrating the unique wabi-sabi aesthetic.
  • Handmade distressing and color variations add to its vintage charm, making each piece uniquely yours.

After-Sales Information

Craftsmanship Notice:
Vintage effects like wooden knots, peeling paint, and welding marks are intentional to reflect the product's style. Please consider this before purchasing if you prefer pristine items.

Color Variance:
All images are captured in real life to minimize color differences, but variations may still occur due to monitor settings. The actual product's color will prevail.

Measurement Tolerance:
Please note a measurement discrepancy of about 1-3 cm is normal.

Product Display

  • Enjoy the natural, rustic look with a fragrance reminiscent of pure tonic.
  • Utilize the spacious tabletop for books, tea, or decorative items to craft a cozy corner in your home.
  • The robust, simple design provides a solid yet attractive appearance.
  • Note: The coffee table is hollow, adding to its aesthetic but requiring careful handling.
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