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Baby Bear Ceramic Tissue Box

Baby Bear Ceramic Tissue Box

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Brand: Click Home

Material: High-quality Ceramic

Style: Cute, Contemporary

Origin: Mainland China

Color Classification: Available in Milky White, Shimmering Silver, and Soft Pink

Product Texture Note: The Baby Bear Ceramic Tissue Box is designed to embody a pinchable texture, which means the surface might not be completely smooth. This intentional design provides a unique tactile experience, reminiscent of a gummy bear.

Craftsmanship Details: The base of the bear features a circle where the glaze is intentionally left slightly rough, adding to the artisanal charm of the piece. As a testament to its ceramic nature, the presence of black spots, mold lines, and pores are inherent characteristics, symbolizing authenticity and should not be considered flaws.

Size: Height: 27cm, Width: 14cm, Depth: 14cm This size is perfectly compatible with standard M size paper towels widely available in the market.

Finish: The Baby Bear Ceramic Tissue Box boasts a matte finish, enhancing its modern and stylish appearance.

Functionality: Paper towels are inserted at the bottom of the box, allowing the bear's form to retain its cute and rounded figure when in use.


Please Note: The tactile feel of the bear, along with the slightly rough base circle and the presence of ceramic characteristics such as pores, are all deliberate choices by the designer to enhance the product's uniqueness and charm. These are not defects, but rather marks of a handcrafted item. Each Baby Bear Ceramic Tissue Box is a statement piece that combines functionality with a touch of whimsy, making it a delightful addition to any home.

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