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Baymax Sofa

Baymax Sofa

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The Baymax Sofa, crafted by MLAF/Milan Shijia, offers a sanctuary of comfort, perfectly blending function and form for an unmatched sitting experience.

  • Brand: MLAF/Milan Shijia
  • Fabric Options: A diverse selection featuring Cat Scratch Cloth, Cat Claw Leather, Scrub Cloth, Technology Cloth, Technology Piña Papa Leather, Wool Velvet, Lamb Velvet, Super Fiber Leather Velvet Cloth
  • Style: Cream Style - a testament to softness and serenity
  • Seating Capacity: Customizable from a cozy double sofa to a spacious four-seater.
  • Color Classification: A palette that includes nuanced shades suitable for a double sofa, three-seater, four-seater, and various chair combinations
  • Customization: Yes, tailored to fit your personal space and style
  • Applicable to: Universal appeal, suitable for any home or office environment
  • Assembly: No assembly required, offering ease and convenience
  • Packaging Volume: 1
  • Style Positioning: Artistic Style, ensuring your furniture is not just a piece of utility, but a piece of art

The Baymax Sofa is designed to evoke a feeling of enveloping reliance, with a double layer support that cradles your back and neck in a high-density sponge embrace. The larch solid wood frame ensures durability without compromising on comfort, providing a floating sensation that is both supportive and indulgently soft.

With an elegant, sleek armrest design, the Baymax Sofa is not only about comfort but also practicality, providing a resting place for your arms or a convenient spot for your phone. The materials selected are not only robust and enduring but also waterproof and easy to clean, ensuring a long-lasting addition to your living space.

Every Baymax Sofa promises a comfortable life, transforming your home into a gentle and serene haven. The mild color options harmonize with any décor, inviting light and tranquility into your space. It's a sofa where simple meets luxury, where comfort meets style, and where everyday living is elevated to an art form.

Begin your journey to a comfortable life with the Baymax Sofa – where relaxation, design, and quality come together to nurture your moments of leisure and repose.

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