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Butter Star Clock

Butter Star Clock

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Product Description for the Butter Star Clock

Brand: Mandelda

Style: Inject a touch of contemporary flair into your living space with the Butter Star Clock. This unique timepiece marries simplicity with a quirky, special-shaped design that's sure to catch the eye.

Material: Crafted from imported environmentally friendly sheet materials, this clock embodies both design and sustainability.

Shape: With its special-shaped silhouette, the Butter Star Clock is a statement piece that stands out on any wall.

Size: At a width of 39cm and a height of 64.5cm, with a product thickness of 2.1cm, it's perfectly proportioned to make an impact without overwhelming your space.

Color Classification: Choose from Cheese Yellow, Warm Red, or Spring Green to best suit your interior decor.

Movement: Equipped with a sweep second movement, the clock's hands glide smoothly, ensuring accurate timekeeping without the ticking noise.

Applicable Space: Ideal for the living room, this clock isn't just a way to tell time—it's an art piece that complements your home's aesthetic.


  • Clock Face: MDF spray paint with pine MDF and walnut detailing.
  • Hands: Crafted from walnut and acrylic for a striking contrast.
  • Movement: Official standard movement with a 365-day warranty for peace of mind.
  • Design: The clock's modern style integrates seamlessly into your home, transforming time into an artful element of decor.
  • Intellectual Property: Original design with intellectual property rights protected to ensure you receive a genuine piece.


  • Power Type: Battery-operated for ease of use and placement.
  • Double-sided: No, designed for wall mounting.
  • Origin: Proudly originating from Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, Mainland China.


  • Includes de-expanding rubber plug and self-tapping screws for installation.
  • Note: Batteries are not included for overseas shipments and may be replaced with a gift without prior notice.

Purchase Information:

  • The invoice reflects the actual payment amount, excluding platform points.
  • Customization and price guarantee details available upon request.
  • The product may have minor imperfections due to the manufacturing process, which do not affect functionality.

Receipt and Warranty:

  • Inspect the product upon delivery for any damage or missing items before signing.
  • Our warranty service adheres to the "Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law" and "Product Quality Law" of the People's Republic of China.

Enjoy your life with the Mandelda Butter Star Clock, where every second is a stylish experience.

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