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Cat Sleeping Pillow

Cat Sleeping Pillow

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  • Brand: Chushe (home fabric)
  • Coat Material: Plush
  • Pattern: Cartoon Animation
  • Style: Simple and Modern
  • Shape: Special Shape (Cat-inspired)
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Province: Jiangsu Province
  • City: Yangzhou City
  • Size: 70 cm (Rabbit Fur Material, Soft and Comfortable)
  • Applicable Space: Office Area
  • Color Classification:
    • Cat Pillow (Prone Brown)
    • Cat Pillow (Prone White)
    • Cat Pillow (Prone Gray)
    • Cat Pillow (Standing Brown)
    • Cat Pillow (Standing Gray)
  • Filling: PP Cotton
  • Applicable Scene: Nap
  • Pillow Type: Cushion

Key Features

  1. Cartoon Animation Design:
    Adorably designed in a playful cartoon cat shape, this pillow adds a cheerful vibe to any workspace or nap corner.

  2. Plush Coat Material:
    The ultra-soft plush coat mimics rabbit fur, providing a soothing and cozy texture that feels gentle against the skin.

  3. PP Cotton Filling:
    Filled with high-quality PP cotton for a resilient, fluffy, and supportive nap experience.

  4. Versatile Shape Options:
    Choose from prone or standing cat shapes in various colors to match your personal style and space.

  5. Ideal Size:
    Measuring at 70 cm, this pillow is the perfect size for a quick office nap or relaxation.

  6. Modern and Simple Style:
    The simple and modern style ensures it fits seamlessly into any decor, whether in the office or at home.

  7. Nap-Ready Comfort:
    Provides excellent support and comfort for power naps, making it a perfect companion for rejuvenation during breaks.

Bring playful charm and nap-time comfort to your office or home with the Cat Sleeping Pillow. The perfect companion for relaxation, work, and play!

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