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Chessboard Fluffy Square Cushions

Chessboard Fluffy Square Cushions

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Embrace the Comfort of Style and Softness

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and style with Manxiaomian's Chessboard Fluffy Square Cushions, designed to add a touch of Nordic elegance to your living space.

Product Information:

  • Brand: Manxiaomian
  • Coat Material: Plush
  • Style: Nordic
  • Size Options:
    • 30x50cm pillow (without core)
    • 30x50cm pillow (with core)
    • 45x45cm pillow (without core)
    • 45x45cm pillow (with core)
  • Item No.: NT-11014GYY
  • Type: Cushion cover/Pillow cover

Luxurious Touch:

  • Made with Grade A small velvet-free fabric, these cushions boast a plush, skin-friendly, and comfortable feel.
  • Available in both single and double-sided velvet, choose the texture that best suits your comfort.

Elegant Design:

  • The milk tea color palette exudes warmth and mellowness, harmonizing with your life's taste.
  • The chessboard pattern is not just visually appealing but also invites a deep, luxurious experience.
  • Each cushion is generously filled, providing a full and soft core that cradles you in comfort.

Versatile Use:

  • Whether you opt for the cushion with or without the core, these fluffy squares are ideal for cozying up on your couch, adding extra support to your favorite chair, or simply enhancing your home decor.

Transform your home into a haven of softness and style with Manxiaomian's Chessboard Fluffy Square Cushions.

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