Colourful Cat Paw Kitchen Tongs

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Colour: White
Size: Medium
Delivery Options: Standard Shipping (4-6 weeks)

Product Description for Colourful Cat Paw Kitchen Tongs

Embrace the loveliness with our "Colourful Cat Paw Kitchen Tongs". These charming and colorful utensils are not just a vibrant addition to your kitchen but a statement of style. Designed for functionality and appeal, these tongs come in a range of sizes suitable for adults and children alike. The smaller size is perfect for little hands, while adults will find the larger size more to their liking.

Design & Functionality:

  • Cute Cat Paw Design: Adds a touch of whimsy to your kitchen
  • Vivid Colors: Available in bright yellow, tender pink, and pure white
  • Material Quality: Crafted from stainless steel, heat-resistant resin, and fiberglass for durability and safety
  • Comfort: Thin, stainless steel handle that's comfortable and easy to hold

Quality & Safety:

  • High-Quality Nylon Resin: Difficult to scratch the pan's coating, ensuring hygiene and longevity
  • Heat Resistance: Can withstand temperatures from -20°C to 220°C, perfect for handling hot food
  • Safety: Made of stainless steel and antibacterial resin for a safe and reliable cooking experience

Care Instructions:

  • Cleaning: Avoid using steel balls or hard objects to prevent scratches
  • Use: Suitable for holding hot food, avoid prolonged indirect contact with hot oil
  • Note: Small scratches on stainless steel are normal and do not affect the functionality

Size Options:

  • 18cm (Medium Cat Claw Clip)
  • 24cm (Large Cat Claw Clip)


  • High Heat Resistance: Safe to use in various cooking scenarios
  • Stability: Cat paw design with protruding grips ensures a firm hold on food

With these kitchen tongs, every meal preparation becomes an adorable adventure. Not just a tool, but a companion that brings creativity and joy to your cooking. Choose the Luguchuan Colourful Cat Paw Kitchen Tongs and make cooking a delightful experience every day.

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Colour: White
Size: Medium
Delivery Options: Standard Shipping (4-6 weeks)


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