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Daisy Dreamland Side Table

Daisy Dreamland Side Table

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Daisy Dreamland Side Table by Time Lover Home Accessories

Brand: Time Lover (Home Accessories)
Material: High-Quality Resin
Style: Light Luxury
Applicable Space: Ideal for Coffee Table Placement

The Daisy Dreamland Side Table is an embodiment of artistic flair and practical design. Crafted with light luxury in mind, this resin-made beauty adds a delicate touch of elegance to any space. Its sturdy central bracket ensures strong load-bearing capacity while the smooth and thick base provides stability, avoiding easy toppling.


  • Top Diameter x Height x Thickness: 52 x 60 x 8.8 cm
  • Upper Tray Diameter x Thickness x Distance from the Ground: 17 x 5.6 x 30 cm
  • Lower Tray Diameter x Thickness x Distance from the Ground: 17 x 5.6 x 23 cm
  • Bottom Diameter x Thickness: 39 x 8 cm
  • Transportation Weight (Approx.): 26 kg

Delightful Details:

  • Soft, eye-catching colors that bring warmth and charm to your home.
  • Unique flower shape, offering a visual feast and a colorful life.
  • Ample storage space with a large diameter for multiple uses.

As a handcrafted item, slight imperfections such as scratches, uneven surfaces, and small pores may occur due to the manufacturing process and are not considered flaws. The resin products are hand-colored, so slight variations in shade may be present, adding to the uniqueness of each table.

Aesthetic Appeal:
This isn't just a side table; it's a statement of art and taste. With its candy-like sweet colors and soft cute egg shower shape, it's designed to be an eye-catching addition to your living space. Whether it stands alone or is adorned with your favorite accessories, the Daisy Dreamland Side Table is sure to be a conversation starter, a storage solution, and a delightful piece of home art.

Bring home the Daisy Dreamland Side Table and let it be the centerpiece that lights up your life with style and artistry.

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