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Fruit Knife Chopping Board Set

Fruit Knife Chopping Board Set

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Antibacterial Classification Cutting Board Set by Jieshang Home

Elevate your kitchen hygiene and efficiency with the Jieshang Home Antibacterial Classification Cutting Board Set. Designed for the health-conscious cook, this set brings organization, safety, and precision to your culinary endeavors.

Product Highlights:

  • Material Excellence: Crafted from human food-grade PP+ABS+TPR materials, ensuring safety and durability. The set weighs between 1.5kg and 2.52kg, offering robustness without compromising on ease of use.
  • Innovative Design Features:
    • Clear Classification: Each board is marked for specific uses — fruits/vegetables, meat, and complementary foods — preventing cross-contamination and promoting a healthy diet.
    • Anti-Slip Stability: Equipped with back anti-slip pads and "L" shaped anti-slip feet for secure chopping.
    • Hygienic Maintenance: Features bottom drain holes for easy cleaning, ventilation, and hygiene upkeep.
  • Dimensions: The set’s dimensions cater to various kitchen needs, promoting ease and precision in food preparation.
  • Easy Care & Maintenance: Includes precautions for both cutting boards and ceramic knives to ensure longevity and maintain hygiene.

Special Attention to Safety and Maintenance:

  • Cutting Boards: Designed for easy cleaning and upright, ventilated storage. Instructions are provided for removing odors and ensuring the boards remain in pristine condition.
  • Ceramic Knives: Handle with care, avoiding hard surfaces and frozen foods to prevent damage. Specific cleaning and maintenance tips ensure the knives stay sharp and intact.

Why Choose Jieshang Home Antibacterial Classification Cutting Board Set?

  • Food Grade Safe: Direct contact with food is safe, making it ideal for preparing baby food and other sensitive culinary tasks.
  • Elegant Organization: Each board and knife is designed for specific food types, enhancing kitchen organization and meal preparation efficiency.
  • Durable and Practical: The thoughtful design includes a hollow base for the cutting boards, preventing water accumulation and bacterial growth.

With the Jieshang Home Antibacterial Classification Cutting Board Set, embrace a new standard of kitchen hygiene, safety, and efficiency. Whether prepping a quick meal or a luxurious feast, this set is your partner in ensuring every dish is prepared on a clean, safe surface.

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