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[Pre-Order] Genuine Leather Modular Sofa

[Pre-Order] Genuine Leather Modular Sofa

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Genuine Leather Modular Sofa - Italian Minimalism

Experience the epitome of Italian minimalism with our Genuine Leather Modular Sofa, expertly designed to adapt to any living space. With a versatile range of modules and sizes, this sofa offers unmatched customization to meet your specific decor needs and spatial configurations.

Key Features:

  • Luxurious Materials: Upholstered in first-layer cowhide, the sofa features heavy S-grade thickened grained leather that offers durability, skin-friendliness, and an eco-friendly makeup. Its rich texture provides both visual appeal and superior comfort.

  • Robust Construction: The frame is constructed from imported deciduous solid wood, known for its durability and environmental sustainability. This strong foundation ensures the sofa maintains its shape and provides substantial support.

  • Customizable Configurations: Available in a variety of dimensions, including straight sections from 280cm to 380cm and corner sections up to 400cm, as well as assembled combinations and optional footrests in multiple sizes. This modular system allows for endless possibilities in arrangement.

  • Superior Comfort: Each piece is filled with a high resilience sponge paired with fluffy down, striking the perfect balance between firm support and a plush feel, ensuring comfort in every seating position.

  • Elegant Design: Reflecting Italian minimalist aesthetics, the sofa's clean lines and sophisticated appearance adapt seamlessly to any modern interior design, from the more traditional to contemporary styles.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Other/Other
  • Model: 218324
  • Material: Wood (Type unspecified), First layer of cowhide
  • Structure Technology: Wooden
  • Sofa Combination Form: L-shape, customisable
  • Dimensions: Various options, including straight and corner units
  • Color Options: Standard colors include variations of lengths and depths tailored to customer needs
  • Delivery/Installation: Nationwide, with master installation services at your door

Styling Tips:

This sofa set is perfect for creating a focal point in spacious living areas or adding a functional yet stylish seating area in open-plan spaces. Coordinate with minimalist decor elements and subtle color palettes to enhance the sophisticated vibe of your living space.

Elevate your home with the Genuine Leather Modular Sofa, combining Italian craftsmanship with modular flexibility to fit beautifully into your lifestyle and interior design.

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