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Jade Rabbit Night Lamp

Jade Rabbit Night Lamp

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Jade Rabbit Hugging Moon Night Lamp

Brand: Other/Others
Model: Rabbit Dun Dun Patting Light
Power: 5W and below
Color Classification:

  • Apricot Pink
  • White
  • Milk Yellow
  • Coffee Gray

Description: The Jade Rabbit Hugging Moon Night Lamp combines whimsy and functionality, offering a soft, soothing light perfect for any room. This charming lamp features a cute rabbit hugging a moon, crafted with 3D printing technology for a detailed and realistic design. Its gentle LED light provides a warm, comforting glow, making it ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and studies.

Key Features:

  • Soft and Cute Design: The lamp's adorable design adds a playful touch to your decor and is perfect for stress relief and relaxation.
  • 360° Surround Light: The lampshade emits light globally, ensuring even light distribution for a brighter home.
  • Gentle Eye Protection: Emits 4000K warm white natural light that aligns with the human body's nighttime biological clock, promoting restful sleep without straining the eyes.
  • Handcrafted Quality: Made with high-quality materials, including Zhicheng resin, metal, and ABS, the lamp offers a comfortable touch and durability.
  • Original Design: Unique, patent-protected design that adds a sense of delicacy and cuteness to your space.

Product Information:

  • Voltage: ≤36V (inclusive)
  • Light Source Type: LED Light
  • Control Type: Non-intelligent Control
  • Size: 23.5cm x 20cm x 24cm
  • Cord Length: 125cm
  • Usage Scenes: Bedroom, Dining Room, Study, Living Room
  • Material: Zhicheng Resin, Metal, ABS

Color Options:

  • Apricot Pink
  • White
  • Milk Yellow
  • Coffee Gray

Special Features:

  • Warm and Comforting Light: Provides a gentle glow that is easy on the eyes and perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere.
  • Easy to Use: Features a simple plug-in design with a touch-sensitive switch for easy operation.
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Each lamp is carefully crafted with attention to detail, making it a beautiful and practical addition to any room.
  • Versatile and Portable: Can be placed on various surfaces or used as a decorative piece, making it a versatile addition to your home decor.

Purchase Instructions:

  • Color Difference: All product pictures are taken in kind, but slight color differences may occur due to lighting and display settings. Please refer to the actual product for accurate color representation.

Design Concept: Inspired by the gentle companionship and soothing presence of the moon, the Jade Rabbit Hugging Moon Night Lamp is designed to bring a sense of comfort and warmth to your space. It embodies the belief that if you cannot find salvation, you can become your own light, shining brightly and beautifully in the world.

Charity Initiative: For every transaction, a donation is remitted to charity projects to help those in need.

Bring home the Jade Rabbit Hugging Moon Night Lamp, your loyal guardian and gentle companion, and light up your space with warmth and charm

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