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Keecy Brandy Rectangular Rug

Keecy Brandy Rectangular Rug

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Keecy Brandy Rectangular Rug

Brand: Keecy
Material: Blended
Pattern: Stripes
Style: European and American
Shape: Rectangular
Origin: Mainland China
Province: Shanghai
City: Shanghai
Carpet Sizes:

  • 80CMx150CM
  • 60CMx200CM
  • 120CMx160CM
  • 140CMx200CM
  • 160CMx230CM
  • 200CMx300CM
    Applicable Space: Living room, bedroom
    Technology: Machine weaving
    Sales Method: Finished product
    Item Number: 008
    Applicable Scene: Home use

Product Description

Enrich Your Home with Color and Style

The Keecy Brandy Rectangular Rug brings rich colors and intricate patterns into your home space, offering a blend of artistic aesthetics and modern design. Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, this rug is designed to complement a variety of home styles.

Key Features

  • Vibrant and Detailed Patterns:

    • Detailed printing with changeable lines and patterns, creating a visually appealing and dynamic look.
  • High-Quality Material:

    • Made from a blended material, ensuring durability and comfort underfoot.
  • Machine Weaving Technology:

    • Ensures precise and consistent patterns, maintaining the rug's beauty and integrity over time.
  • Available in Multiple Sizes:

    • Choose from a range of sizes to fit different spaces and needs. Customized sizes are also available for a perfect fit in any room.

Washing and Care Instructions

  • Washing Instructions:
    • Do not wash, bleach, or expose to direct sunlight.
  • Daily Care:
    • Vacuum regularly to remove dust, dirt, and hair.
    • Follow the direction of the fluff fibers when vacuuming to avoid damaging the carpet surface.

Size Recommendations

Living Room Carpet Layout:

  • 3-Person Sofa:
    • Recommend 1.6X2.3M and above
  • 3-Person Sofa + Collapse:
    • Recommend 1.6X2.3M and above
  • Three-Seater + Two-Seater Sofa:
    • Recommend 2.4X3.4M and above
  • Three-Seater + Two Single-Seater Sofa:
    • Recommend 1.6X2.3M and above

Bedroom Carpet Layout:

  • Bedside:
    • Recommend 0.4X1.6M to 0.6X2M

Artistic Design and Inspiration

Creamy White Purity:

  • Inspired by the distant Casablanca, the creamy white tones are complemented by carefully arranged lines that reflect a strong medieval architectural style.

Retro Style:

  • Integrates Arabic culture with modern trends, the flexibility of the lines adds layers and depth to any space.

Quality and Comfort

  • Soft and Comfortable:

    • The blended material ensures a soft touch, enhancing comfort and coziness in your home.
  • Durable Construction:

    • Strict control of materials and details ensures that each rug is built to last.

Bring Elegance and Functionality to Your Home

Transform your living space with the Keecy Brandy Rectangular Rug. Its vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and high-quality construction make it a must-have addition to any home. Enjoy the blend of style, comfort, and durability that this rug brings to your space.

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