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Love Heart Coffee Cup

Love Heart Coffee Cup

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Love Heart Coffee Cup

Brand: Luguchuan
Material: High-Quality Ceramic
Capacity: 300ml
Style: Creativity
Origin: Mainland China
Color Classification: Red heart-shaped, Black heart-shaped, Mixed color (2 packs)
Item Number: CZ-4512-5623

Product Highlights:

  • Underglaze Painting Process: Ensuring the integrity of your beverage's taste while promoting dietary health.
  • Heart-Shaped Big Handle: Designed for comfort and elegance; easy to hold with effective heat insulation to prevent scalding.
  • High-Temperature Firing Porcelain: This ensures the cup maintains its high style, with a high density and fine glaze that's smooth and easy to clean. The cup can withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for various electrical appliances.
  • Hand-Painted Love Pattern: Each cup is a unique work of art, thanks to the hand-painted love vessel design, fired at high temperature for safety and durability.
  • Large Capacity: The generous size makes each sip feel warmer, amplifying the experience of your favorite beverage.

Design Aesthetics:

  • Irregular Heart Shape: An exquisite love pattern with a brush texture that adds beauty and sophistication.
  • Round and Gentle Cup Mouth: The rim of the cup is designed to feel gentle against your lips, enhancing the drinking experience.

Lifestyle Integration:

  • Photogenic Quality: Each cup is crafted to look good in any setting — perfect for social media enthusiasts and those who appreciate the art of living.
  • Healthy and Safe: Crafted with healthy underglaze color craftsmanship, ensuring no color fading or discoloration, allowing the cups to remain vibrant over time.

Dimensional Parameters:

  • Red Heart-Shaped Cup: 300ml, Weight ~320g
  • Black Heart-Shaped Cup: 300ml, Weight ~320g

Please Note: The dimensional parameters are measured manually and may have slight errors. The actual product shall prevail.

Transform your coffee breaks into an artful experience with the Love Heart Coffee Cup, where functionality meets design, and everyday living is infused with love.

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