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Lovely Bear Muffin Tin

Lovely Bear Muffin Tin

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Product Description for Lovely Bear Muffin Tin

Product Name: Lovely Bear Muffin Tin
Brand: Other/Others
Item Type: Cake Mold
Material: Carbon Steel
Style: Japanese
Popular Elements: Cartoon
Applicable Crowd: Public

Product Information

Create delightful and whimsical baked goods with the Lovely Bear Muffin Tin. Made from high-quality carbon steel, this muffin tin is designed to bring a touch of fun and charm to your baking. Ideal for baking cute bear-shaped muffins, cupcakes, and more, it's perfect for both everyday use and special occasions.


  • Material: Durable and high-quality carbon steel
  • Style: Japanese-inspired design
  • Popular Elements: Adorable cartoon bear shapes
  • Color Classification:
    • 8-piece Bear Baking Pan
    • 8-piece Panda Baking Pan
    • 8-piece Chestnut Baking Pan
    • 8-piece Financier Baking Pan
    • 8-piece Madeleine Baking Pan
    • 6-piece Oval Baking Pan
    • Market Style: 6-piece Bear Baking Pan, 12-piece Bear Baking Pan, 6-piece Panda Baking Pan, 12-piece Panda Baking Pan
  • Mold Type: Cake mold


  • 8-piece Baking Pan: 29.3 x 19 x 2.6 cm
    • Single Mold Size: 4.8 x 6 x 2.6 cm
  • Weight: 328g

Usage Notes:

  • Temperature Resistance: Safe to use up to 200°C.
  • Non-stick Preparation: To prevent sticking, ensure to oil and flour the pan before baking.
  • Cleaning: Wash thoroughly after use. Dry immediately with residual oven heat to prevent rust and maintain quality.
  • Production Process: There may be slight dust spots from spraying during transportation, which is normal and does not affect the product's use.
  • Handling: Avoid using sharp utensils to prevent scratches and deformation.

Additional Information:

  • Packaging and Shipping: Product dimensions may vary slightly due to manual measurements.
  • Care Instructions: Handle with care to maintain the integrity of the non-stick surface and overall shape.

Popular Use:
Perfect for baking enthusiasts and those who love to create cute and themed baked goods. Ideal for children’s parties, themed events, or just to add a touch of fun to everyday baking.

Cookie Cutter Design: The Lovely Bear Muffin Tin is designed to add a delightful touch to your baking endeavors. Its cartoon shapes make it a fun and practical addition to any kitchen, allowing you to create perfectly shaped bear muffins and cakes with ease.

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