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Peplum Ceiling Lampshade

Peplum Ceiling Lampshade

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Brand: DGY (Daguanyuan)
Model: 9988-1
Power: 31W (inclusive) - 40W (inclusive)
Style: Nordic
Color Temperature: 6000K
Applicable Space: Bedroom / Study / Living Room
Color Classification:

  • [Living Room] White 50cm - Three-color dimming (8-12㎡)
  • [Living Room] White 60cm - Three-color dimming (10-15㎡)
  • [Living Room] White 80cm - Three-color dimming (15-20㎡)
  • [Bedroom] Beige 50cm - Three-color dimming (8-12㎡)
  • [Bedroom] Beige 60cm - Three-color dimming (10-15㎡)
  • [Bedroom] Beige 80cm - Three-color dimming (15-20㎡)

Lamp Inclusion: Yes
Intra-city Service: Intra-city logistics door-to-door
Voltage: 111V ~ 240V (inclusive)
Main Material: Iron (Body), Cloth (Lampshade)
Light Source Type: LED
Number of Light Sources: 4
Illumination Area: 10㎡-15㎡
Control Type: Non-intelligent
Lampshade Auxiliary Material: Cloth
Lamp Body Auxiliary Material: Iron
Lamp Shape: Fishing Line Chandelier
Number of Lamp Heads: 4
Chandelier Type: Iron Chandelier
Warranty Period: 3 Years

Design & Functionality: Elevate your space with the Peplum Ceiling Lampshade, embodying the essence of Nordic creativity with its unique skirt hem design. The high light transmittance lampshade ensures a soft, even light that is gentle on the eyes, crafting a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Material Quality: The lamp body's construction from iron and a handmade cloth cover provides a durable, easy-to-clean surface while allowing light to filter through gracefully, presenting an unmatched beauty.

Versatility & Adaptability: The Peplum Ceiling Lampshade is versatile, with three-color dimming capabilities to suit various moods and settings. Whether it's a bright white light for focus, a comfortable neutral light for everyday, or a warm yellow light for relaxation, this lampshade accommodates your needs.

Installation & Maintenance: Featuring a base of 16*5cm and an adjustable hanging wire of up to 1 meter, the lampshade is designed for easy installation in various spaces. Its handcrafted fabric cover and iron body are both simple to maintain, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Additional Notes:

  • Dimensions: 606032cm
  • Color Options: White, Beige
  • Light Source Options: White light, Three colors, 15W

Please note that manual measurements may lead to slight deviations. The brightness is influenced by the bulb's wattage, which is available separately. The applicable space dimensions provided are for reference and may vary based on individual settings.

Bring home the Peplum Ceiling Lampshade to create a serene retreat with its soft glow and Scandinavian charm, all while enjoying the practicality of its smart design and quality materials.

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