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[Pre-Order] Petal Modular Sofa

[Pre-Order] Petal Modular Sofa

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[Pre-Order] Petal Modular Sofa

Origin: Guangdong Province, Foshan City, Nanhai District
Style: Italian minimalist
Material: Solid wood frame; Chenille and velvet fabric
Filling: 5A grade natural white goose down


Introducing the Petal Modular Sofa, a revolution in comfort and style. Dubbed the "flower sofa" for its unique petal-like armrests and backrests, this sofa stands out with its ability to be shaped to your liking, simulating a blossoming flower. Its innovative design transcends traditional forms, making every angle a delightful view.


  • Adjustable Smart Pillows: Modify the pillow shape for various comfort needs.
  • Fabric Quality: Thickened, wear-resistant, and magnetic-proof chenille and velvet, ideal for households with pets.
  • Frame: Special internal framework allows adjusting the sofa for personalized comfort.
  • Durability: Passed over 300 sitting tests; the fabric is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Crafted with eco-friendly materials and processes, significantly lower in formaldehyde for a healthier living environment.
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Customization and Sizes

  • Sofa Combination Forms: L-shape with various configurations including single seats, double seats, three-person seats, and combinations with large and small corners.
  • Customizable Colors: Available upon request; contact customer service for VIP customization options.
  • Dimensions: Various sizes from single seats (1.22m) to larger configurations up to 4.8m.

Packaging and Delivery

  • Packaging Volume: 3 cubic meters
  • Delivery/Installation Areas: Includes major cities across China like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and many more.

Style Positioning

Quality luxury type, perfect for those seeking a combination of elite comfort and chic design in their furniture.

Additional Information

  • Storage Space: No
  • Removable and Washable: No
  • Filling Hardness: Soft
  • Wooden Material: Pine wood

The Petal Modular Sofa blends exceptional comfort with exquisite design, offering a fresh perspective on modern living spaces.

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