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Plump Mug

Plump Mug

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Plump Mug

Embrace the charm of Nordic style design while sipping your favourite brew from the Plump Mug by Slash Housewife. Lovingly handcrafted from high-quality ceramic, this striking mug is a wonderful addition to your morning routine or afternoon tea break.


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Capacity: 201ml - 300ml inclusive
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Color: Retro matcha milk tea color with milky yellow splashes of ink and enticing incense undertones.
  • Item number: BHM004


  • Style: Nordic style design with a popular Macaron color theme.
  • Price: Over 80 yuan
  • Includes: Complimentary greeting card, an afternoon tea companion, and a stainless steel short-handled mixing spoon with every order of Taro Zi.
  • Applicable For: Suitable for adults and the general public.
  • Handmade: Yes, adds a personal touch with each mug being uniquely crafted.

All product images are independent, real-life pictures, providing you with a true-to-life view of our Plump Mug. Price and quality make this mug an unbeatable addition to your kitchenware collection!

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