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Stripy Plastic Stool

Stripy Plastic Stool

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Discover the essence of minimalist design with our "Stripy Plastic Stool," a blend of functionality and sleek Nordic simplicity. Whether for your home, office, or any leisure space, this stool offers the perfect combination of style and practicality.

Made from high-grade PP particles and LGF, the stool provides a stable and durable seating option. Its robust construction is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, making it a versatile addition to your furniture collection.

With a height of 39 cm, the stool is ergonomically designed for comfort. Its uncomplicated form is a nod to Nordic design principles, offering a clean, uncluttered aesthetic that enhances any living space.

Available in a palette of colors to suit your style:

  • Camel: A warm, earthy tone that brings a cozy feel.
  • White: A classic, crisp color for a fresh and clean look.
  • Pink: A soft, playful hue that adds a touch of whimsy.
  • Gray: A neutral, contemporary choice for a modern edge.
  • Orange: A vibrant, energetic splash of color for any room.
  • Blue: A serene and calming shade for a tranquil atmosphere.
  • Black: A bold, sophisticated option for an elegant touch.
  • Matcha Green: A trendy, organic color for a natural vibe.
  • New Gray Blue: A chic, stylish twist on a traditional blue.

The "Stripy Plastic Stool" from Yishengtao is a model of simplicity, with a stripped-back design that focuses on what's important - comfort, stability, and style. Its frame structure is solid and reliable, originating from Hebei Province, China.

Please note that the stools are shipped with a minimum order of two, ensuring you have a matching set for your space. There is no need for assembly, so you can enjoy your stylish new seating as soon as they arrive.

Choose the "Stripy Plastic Stool" for a touch of modern simplicity and practical elegance in your daily life.

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