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Tabitha Crystal Dining Chair

Tabitha Crystal Dining Chair

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Armrest Colour

Brand: Lazy Space

Model: Z-CY0630

Material: High-Quality Imported PC Plastic

Style: Contemporary with Ming and Qing Classical Elegance

Popular Elements: Master Design

Color Classification:

  • Transparent Chair with Red Armrests
  • Transparent Chair with White Armrests
  • Transparent Chair with Black Armrests
  • White Chair with Red Armrests
  • White Chair with White Armrests

Front Material: PVC

Backrest Height: Between 125mm to 800mm

Customization: Not available

Rotation: Fixed

Armrests: Yes

Assembly Required: No

Packaging Volume: 0.3 cubic meters

Product Description:

The Lazy Space Tabitha Crystal Dining Chair epitomizes a blend of modern design with classical elegance. Inspired by the timeless aesthetics of Ming and Qing dynasties and infused with contemporary master design, this chair is an ode to sophisticated living.

Crafted from premium imported PC plastic, the Tabitha Crystal Chair stands out with its crystal-clear transparency and brilliance, reminiscent of water singing in tranquility. The semi-enveloping design extends gracefully from the backrest to the armrests, conforming to the curves of the human body, ensuring comfort in any seated position.

The chair's transparent nature not only adds a touch of ethereal beauty to your space but also significantly reduces the visual bulk, making it an excellent choice for compact dining areas. The mirror finish on the PVC front material enhances its elegance, reflecting light and adding a luxurious feel to the surroundings.

Each chair is thoughtfully designed with a large seat surface and front edge that aligns with the curve of the legs, with a sitting height that is just right for dining or leisure. The edges are carefully polished to eliminate sharp edges or burrs, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.

Acknowledging the practical aspects of everyday living, the chair is steady and reassuringly robust, with a one-piece molding technology that increases its load-bearing capacity. The intimate foot heat treatment prevents scratching of the floor, a testament to Lazy Space's attention to detail.

Transportable by cars and requiring no assembly, the Tabitha Crystal Dining Chair is a convenient addition to your home, ready to elevate the ambiance instantly. With its quality luxury style positioning, this chair is more than a seating option—it's a statement piece that speaks volumes of your taste for the finer things in life.

Additional Information:

Lazy Space assures that while some scratches are inevitable due to the characteristics of the material, they do not affect the chair's normal use. Furthermore, Lazy Space is committed to social responsibility; with every transaction, a donation is made to charity projects, thereby contributing to the well-being of those in need.

Bring home the Lazy Space Tabitha Crystal Dining Chair to bask in the luxury of design and comfort, and enjoy the sense of happiness that improves with every moment spent in its embrace.

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