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Tanya Plastic Dining Chairs

Tanya Plastic Dining Chairs

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Tanya Plastic Dining Chairs 

Model: AT-4006
Material: Plastic
Plastic Material: High-quality PC (Polycarbonate)
Style: Nordic
Popular Elements: Master stitching design
Color Classification:

  • Transparent backrest with white base
  • Amber backrest with white base
  • Smoky gray backrest with white base
  • Smoky gray backrest with black base

Backrest Height: 125mm (not included) - 800mm (not included)
Customization: Not available
Rotation: Not applicable
Armrests: Included
Applicable Objects: Adults
Origin: Hangzhou City, Xiaoshan District, Zhejiang Province
Assembly: Not required
Transportability: Suitable for rental vehicles
Style Positioning: Art Style Type

Product Features:

  • Classic Charm: Embrace timeless appeal with the versatile Tanya Plastic Dining Chair, designed to complement any dining table.
  • Quality Material: Crafted from Japan Sanwei imported PC material, the Tanya Chair showcases a full texture, enhancing the visual appeal while offering exceptional durability.
  • Durable Structure: With legs that tilt slightly outward, the Tanya Chair is engineered for stability, ensuring a safe and reliable seating experience that can bear substantial force without compromising on elegance.
  • Designer Furniture: As a piece of high-quality designer furniture, the Tanya Chair epitomizes the simplicity of modern design with its smooth and elegant curvature, providing the right amount of support and comfort.
  • Weight Capacity: Robustly constructed, the chair can support a weight of up to 220 kilograms, attesting to its strength and durability.
  • Stylish Aesthetics: The crystal-like texture and the embellishment of regular diamond patterns on the chair surface speak to the design beauty of the Tanya Chair, making it a focal point in any dining space.
  • Resort Style: With a semi-enclosed backrest that allows for full relaxation, the Tanya Chair brings a sense of resort-style living into your home, reminiscent of Saipan's clear waters and white sands.
  • Color Variety: Available in a range of contrasting colors, this chair adds a vibrant and energetic touch to your interior décor.
  • Non-Customizable Artistry: While the Tanya Chair does not offer customization, its art-style design ensures it stands out as a statement piece in any setting.

Experience the union of design and comfort with the Tanya Plastic Dining Chairs, where each meal is accentuated with a touch of artistry and modern flair.

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