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Wet and Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner

Wet and Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner

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MERBATSY M099 Wet and Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner

  • Brand: MERBATSY
  • Product Name: M099
  • Origin: China
  • Beauty Tool Classification: Makeup Brush Cleaning Sponge
  • Color Classification:
    • 2x Playful Grape Purple
    • 2x Sponge Replacement Cores
  • Suitable for Skin Type: Any skin type
  • Beauty Tools Category: Facial Beauty Tools
  • Variety: Others/Other
  • Specification Type: Normal specification
  • Shelf Life: 3 years


  • Versatile Cleaning Options: Whether you need a quick dry brush between color changes or a more thorough wet cleanse, the MERBATSY M099 is your go-to solution. It comes with a dual-function design for both wet and dry cleaning, ensuring your brushes are always ready for action.
  • Gentle on Brushes: Made from soft silicone and high-quality sponge material, it's tough on makeup residue but gentle on your brushes, extending their lifespan without damaging the bristles.
  • Cute and Practical Design: Not only is it designed to be aesthetically pleasing with its playful purple hues, but it also features a compact and efficient size (10.6cm), perfect for any makeup setup. Its design allows for easy grip and maneuverability during cleaning.
  • No More Residue: The black sponge area is designed for light drama and absorbs residual powder for quick dry cleaning, leaving no residue behind. For a deeper clean, the soft silicone area effectively removes buildup without harming your brushes.
  • Easy to Use and Maintain: Simply glide your brushes against the sponge for dry cleaning or use water for a thorough wash. The sponge can be easily removed and replaced, ensuring your cleaner stays fresh and effective.

To Use:

  1. Dry Cleaning: Gently swipe the brush back and forth over the black sponge to remove powder and pigments in seconds.
  2. Wet Cleaning: Remove the sponge, moisten it with water, apply cleaning solution if desired, and scrub your brushes against the silicone pad for a deep clean.
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