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YOUQIN Sock Drying Rack

YOUQIN Sock Drying Rack

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YOUQIN Sock Drying Rack

Transform your sock drying game with the YOUQIN Sock Drying Rack. Engineered for efficiency and designed with a sleek Japanese style, this space-saving marvel is here to make laundry day a breeze. Crafted in Zhejiang Province, China, this product combines functionality with a touch of minimalistic elegance.

Key Features:

  • Brand: Youqin
  • Functionality: Space-saving and multi-functional, perfect for both drying and storing socks.
  • Material: Durable Plastic
  • Style: Japanese, embracing simplicity and functionality.
  • Origin: Mainland China, Zhejiang Province
  • Popular Elements: Solid Color design for a clean and straightforward look.
  • Applicable Space: Ideal for bedrooms but versatile for any drying space.
  • Color Classification:
    • Double-layer with 18 clips
    • Three-layer with 26 clips
    • Combination set (18 clips + 26 clips) for integrated drying and storage

Innovative Design:

  • Integrated Drying and Storage: Say goodbye to the hassle of transferring socks. With the YOUQIN Sock Drying Rack, you dry and store in the same place.
  • Strong Clamping Force: Equipped with toothed pattern clips ensuring a firm hold, your socks stay secure, even in windy conditions.
  • Large Capacity: Whether it’s the 18-clip or 26-clip model, you can hang 20 to 30 pairs of socks, maximizing space and efficiency.
  • Adjustable Spacing: Tailor the spacing between your socks to enhance air circulation for quicker drying times.


  • Double-layer 18 clips: 40.9*47.2cm
  • Three-layer 26 clips: 55.8*47.2cm

Measurements are manual; please allow for slight variances.

Why Choose the YOUQIN Sock Drying Rack?

This isn’t just a sock drying rack; it’s a testament to thoughtful design aimed at simplifying your life. Its strong, wind-proof clamping mechanism, generous capacity, and elegant, minimalist design make it a standout product. Suitable for anyone from families with infants to individuals looking to streamline their laundry process, the YOUQIN Sock Drying Rack brings efficiency, style, and a dash of Japanese minimalism into your home.

Embrace the ease of "drying + storage" in one sleek package. With the YOUQIN Sock Drying Rack, prepare to say farewell to cluttered spaces and hello to neatly stored, dry socks.

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