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Balloon Doggo Plastic Chairs

Balloon Doggo Plastic Chairs

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Introducing the Balloon Doggo Plastic Chair Collection from ZUOXIA – a playful twist on contemporary furniture that is sure to infuse your space with joy and artistic flair.

Model: Balloon Dog
Material: High-Quality PE Plastic
Pattern: Animal-Shaped
Color Classification: Available in a vibrant spectrum, including White, Mint Green, Grass Green, Big Red, Pink, Yellow, Gray, Orange, Military Green, Sky Blue, Brick Red, Black, and more in both trumpet and large sizes.
Customization: Not available
Additional Functions: Multifunctional – doubles as a whimsical decoration or a playful chair
Furniture Structure: Sturdy frame structure
Origin: Zhejiang Province, Taizhou City, Jiaojiang District
Assembly Required: No
Style Positioning: Artistic style – a blend of form and function

Embodying the essence of a balloon twisted into the shape of a joyful dog, this furniture piece is not just a chair; it's a statement. The Balloon Doggo is a testament to modern design – it stands out with its bright colors and smooth, sculpture-like contours, resonating with a youthful and pure spirit. Despite its balloon-like appearance, this chair is crafted from durable PE plastic material, ensuring longevity and resistance to weathering.

Size Details:

  • Small Dimensions: 56cm x 29cm x 36cm
  • Large Dimensions: 73cm x 29cm x 36cm
    Please Note: Measurements may vary by approximately 2-3 cm due to different methods and production batches.

After-Sale Services:

  • 3-year warranty

The Balloon Doggo Collection is perfect for those looking to add a playful touch to their living space or seeking a unique and safe play item for children. With its one-piece injection-molded design, it is free of sharp edges and corners, making it a safer option for all ages.

Bring home a ZUOXIA Balloon Doggo Chair today, and let life be accompanied by good things.

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