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Bauhaus Wax Melting Lamp

Bauhaus Wax Melting Lamp

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Elevate your sensory experience with the Bauhaus Wax Melting Lamp – a perfect marriage of form, function, and fragrance.

Model: 20220701
Material: Premium Stainless Steel and Glass
Origin: Mainland China
Applicable Space: Ideally suited for bedside placement
Fragrance: White (with adjustable light)

This Bauhaus-inspired wax melting lamp is not just a functional item; it's a statement piece. With its minimalist design and stainless steel glass construction, it exudes an aura of sophisticated simplicity that is iconic to Bauhaus style. The design is intentionally niche, serving as both a visual and olfactory centerpiece for any modern space.


  • Voltage: <36V, ensuring energy efficiency
  • Dimensions: Height - 280mm; Width - 220mm
  • A power switch button for easy operation
  • Timing switching for 2, 4, or 8 hours, giving you control over your fragrance experience
  • Four levels of brightness with a short press; infinite brightness with a long press
  • 40-watt professional halogen bulb, providing even fragrance diffusion and preventing wax pits
  • No smoke, no open flame, offering a safe and environmentally friendly way to enjoy your favorite scents

Safety and Warranty:

  • A one-year warranty is included, ensuring peace of mind with your purchase
  • If issues arise, such as the light bulb not illuminating, customer service will provide a free reissue and replacement

The Bauhaus Wax Melting Lamp stands as a testament to timeless design, merging medieval retro charm with modern functionality. No need for open flame; the aroma is emitted purely and safely. It's an ideal gift for friends, colleagues, or anyone who appreciates a touch of elegance in their living space.

Please Note:

  • Avoid using near open flames
  • Regularly pour off a layer of melted wax to intensify the fragrance
  • Do not move the candle while lit to prevent skin burns from melted wax

With this lamp, you'll not only light up your room but also fill it with the fragrance of sophistication. It's more than just lighting; it's an experience that beckons a more stylish and aromatic lifestyle.

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