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Baymax Soft Padded Rocking Chair

Baymax Soft Padded Rocking Chair

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Charity Initiative:

With every purchase, a contribution is made to charity, aiding those in need.

Comfort and Design:

  • Utilizes 45D high-density sponge for superior comfort and elasticity.
  • Adjustable headrest suitable for heights ranging from 1.5 to 1.8 meters.
  • Robust solid wood bending technology ensures durability and support for numerous swings.


  • Total Length: 98 cm (with a manual measurement error margin of 2-3 cm)
  • Width: 67 cm

Color Variance Notice:
Colors may vary slightly due to differences in monitor settings and lighting conditions.

Images represent the actual product; however, technological and lighting factors might alter colors slightly.

Logistics and Shipping:

  • Delivery via human logistics companies with varying freight based on location and product volume.
  • Items are carefully inspected before shipment.
  • Additional packaging reinforcement is available upon request.

After-Sales Service:

  • Professional guidance for any installation or usage issues.
  • Three-year warranty for non-human related quality problems.

Design Inspiration:
The Baymax Soft Padded Rocking Chair, influenced by the lovable form of Baymax, promises a comforting embrace with its plush arms and cushioned support. Its versatile style makes it a charming addition to any living space, from living rooms to studies.

Interactive Design:
Experience a fun swing with a 30° forward tilt and a 15° rear tilt, tested for stability and safety, including an anti-tipping feature.

Additional Comfort:
The optional matching foot pedal enhances comfort and can double as a separate stool.

Ergonomic Comfort:
With attention to the ergonomic design, this chair supports various body parts and maintains comfort even during extended use.

Crafted with imitation lamb velvet fabric, the chair offers a soft and inviting touch that is simply irresistible.

Note: Due to the low seat, it might not be suitable for people who are pregnant.

Embrace a cozy nook with the Baymax Soft Padded Rocking Chair, your perfect partner for a relaxing afternoon of tea, reading, or simply unwinding.

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