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Bored Tiger Throw and Cushion

Bored Tiger Throw and Cushion

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Bored Tiger Throw and Cushion Set

Make your home a sanctuary of comfort and whimsy with our exclusive Bored Tiger set. Whether draped over a sofa or nestled on your favorite armchair, this throw and cushion duo adds a touch of playful elegance to any space.

Product Name: Bored Tiger Throw and Cushion
Size: Throw - 130x160CM, Cushion - 45x45CM (Cushion inner pillow not included)
Color: Beige with Spotted Leopard Pattern
Weight: Throw - 1.3kg, Cushion Cover - 0.3kg
Material: Plush Velvet

Crafted from luxurious half-velvet fabric, our Bored Tiger set is designed to pamper your skin with a comfortable, soft, and slightly elastic touch. The throw and cushion cover provide a cozy warmth that's never overheating, ensuring year-round comfort in any climate.

With BHA inks and BRL RETA technology, the Bored Tiger set promises high production value and durability for long-lasting enjoyment. Choose this set for a bold statement piece that invites conversation and coziness into your living space.

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