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Bunny Ears Lounge Chair

Bunny Ears Lounge Chair

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Overview: Introducing the enchanting Cream Style Bunny Ears Lounge Chair, a piece that effortlessly combines whimsy with elegance. Offering a unique animal pattern and a touch of Cream Style, this chair is a playful addition to any living space.

Key Features:

  • Material: Luxuriously soft cloth that promises comfort and durability.
  • Pattern: Adorable animal design with distinctive bunny ear backrest.
  • Style: Cream Style, blending seamlessly with artistic and modern interiors.
  • Filling: High elasticity foam sponge for unparalleled sitting comfort.
  • Customization: Supports size and color customization to fit your personal space perfectly.

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Size: Multiple sizes available to suit various spaces.
  • Gross Weight: 13.5kg, ensuring stability without compromising on style.

Design & Comfort:

  • Structure: A solid wood frame coupled with a shock-absorbing spring for a strong, comfortable rebound.
  • Aesthetics: A Creamy Romantic Series design, offering a simple yet extraordinary appearance that enhances any room.
  • Non-Removable: Designed for permanence and durability, with no removable parts.

Additional Details:

  • Assembly: No assembly required, arrives ready for immediate enjoyment.
  • Transport: Not suitable for taxi transport due to size and care in handling.
  • Packaging Volume: 1, thoughtfully packaged to ensure the product's integrity upon arrival.
  • Style Positioning: Artistic style, designed to be a statement piece in your home.

Design Concept:

  • Skin-Friendly Flannel: Soft to the touch, creating a comfortable experience for the user.
  • Patented Design: This chair boasts an appearance design patent certificate, ensuring its unique style is exclusively yours.


  • Strength and Beauty: A chair that does not sacrifice aesthetics for durability.
  • Health Conscious: The high-density sponge offers support without collapse, even after prolonged use.
  • Stability: Circular Roman column design provides enhanced stability with no shaking left or right.

Styling Tips:

  • Fashionable Combinations: The designer recommends combinations that save users money and time on home furnishings, ensuring a fashionable and cohesive look.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various scenes and styles, particularly in warm color series that create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Custom Options:

  • Available Colors: While the default is milky brown flannel + beige flannel, other colors are available upon request, including dark green leather + light gray leather combinations.

Experience the Cream Style Bunny Ears Lounge Chair, where every touch is soft and every moment seated is a comfortable delight. For a personalized touch, contact customer service for custom options.

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