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Carolyn Bedside Drawers

Carolyn Bedside Drawers

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Carolyn Bedside Drawers

Peace of Mind with Quality Assurance Our Carolyn Bedside Drawers are certified by authoritative organizations to ensure your peace of mind. Constructed to higher standards, we focus on safety and security for all users.

Durability and Safety

  • Metal Handle: Corrosion-resistant with no detectable harmful substances (dm2 20 QBIT 3826 Passed).
  • Structural Strength: Complies with QB/T2530.4.8.1—2011 & GB/T 10357.5—2011 standards.
  • Formaldehyde Emissions: Significantly low at <1.5 mg/L, ensuring a safe environment.

Skin-Friendly Touch Designed to create a comfortable tactile experience, the Carolyn Bedside Drawers feature a finish that feels good to the touch, elevating your happiness with each interaction. Its surface resists fingerprints and marks, maintaining a clean and inviting appearance.

Efficient Storage Solution The double drawer design offers ample storage space for nightly essentials such as cotton swabs, ear picks, and serums, neatly tucking away clutter. Equipped with a three-section silent guide rail, the drawers open smoothly, are durable, and boast a strong load-bearing capacity.

Countertop Convenience The spacious countertop invites you to organize your most-needed items for easy access. From books to phones, it can accommodate a variety of personal belongings, providing a practical surface for your daily needs.

Sleek High-Gloss Countertop Opt for either a B/C model with a high-gloss slate countertop, combining aesthetic appeal with functional benefits. This surface is dustproof, dirt-resistant, and easy to clean, effortlessly handling spills from tea, wine, or hot water cups without leaving stains.

Safety First The drawers are designed with rounded edges and corners to minimize accidents, ensuring safety and comfort in use.

Convenient Sofa Companion Positioned next to the sofa, the Carolyn Bedside Drawers serve as a multifunctional storage assistant. Easily reach for what you need without moving an inch, perfect for a relaxed and cozy home atmosphere.

Space-Efficient Design Tailored for small spaces, the drawers boast a space-saving design that doesn't compromise on style or functionality. Available in various storage styles, it adapts to your living space needs.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: Length 20cm x Width 40cm x Height 60cm
  • Note: Please allow for a variance of 1-3cm as each product is unique.

Color Fidelity We strive for accurate color representation, but due to factors like monitor settings and shooting environment, please refer to the actual product for the true color.

Optimized Storage The Carolyn Bedside Drawers are designed to utilize space efficiently, with a small footprint but expansive capacity. Simplify your living space with this elegant and versatile storage solution.

Accessible and Convenient The drawers are built to a convenient height, aligning with most bed heads, ensuring everything you need is within arm's reach.

Healthy and Eco-Friendly Our skin-friendly boards feel as soft as a baby's skin and are made with green materials. With negligible formaldehyde residue, they're safe for everyone, including pregnant women and babies. The backboard is constructed from high-grade paint-free boards, offering durability, water resistance, and an odorless, environmentally friendly choice.

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