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Cat Queen Strawberry Mojito Glass

Cat Queen Strawberry Mojito Glass

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Brand: Shikagawa
Material: Heat-resistant Glass
Capacity: 301mL (inclusive) - 400mL (inclusive)
Style: Japanese Style
Shape: Circle
Popular Elements: Little Fresh
Color Classification:

  • Cat Queen Strawberry Flowers Mix 2 Pack
  • Cat Queen 2 Pack
  • Strawberry Flowers 2 Pack
    Glass Color: Print
    Handmade: Yes

Product Features:

  • Unique Glacier Texture: Featuring an outer wall with a frost-like texture for a visually stunning effect and an inner wall that’s smooth for easy cleaning — a simple rinse does the trick.
  • Hand-Painted Relief Artistry: Each glass is adorned with hand-painted embossed pearls and patterns, presenting a blend of beauty and elegance that’s both refined and eye-catching.
  • Versatile and Sentimental: Ideal for tea, wine, juice, or just water. It's not just a drinking glass; it's a statement of style and sentiment, perfect for elevating everyday moments or special occasions.
  • Craftsmanship Details: While the crafting process introduces tiny bubbles and minute imperfections, these unique traits add character and distinction to each glass.
  • Care Instructions: To preserve the intricate hand-painted details, clean with a soft cloth. Avoid steel wool or harsh brushes.
  • Temperature Considerations: Although heat-resistant up to 100°C, sudden temperature changes should be avoided. Pre-warming the glass is recommended for best use.
  • Measurements: All dimensions are manually measured, subject to slight variations. Authenticity and quality are assured, reflecting in the real-shot images.
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe: Designed for convenience and durability, it withstands daily use in modern kitchen environments.

Style Selections:

  • Strawberry Little Flower Glacier Cup
  • Kitty Queen Glacier Cup
    Capacity ~240ML | Weight ~300G
    Capacity ~340ML | Weight ~425G

Scenario Showcase:

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Cat Queen Strawberry Mojito Glass, your companion for a stylish, comfortable drinking experience. Whether it's breakfast check-ins or leisurely afternoons, this glass is not just a drinkware item but a fashion statement, full of elegance and connotation.

Elevate your drinkware collection with the enchanting Cat Queen Strawberry Mojito Glass by Shikagawa — where every sip is a journey into a world of artistic beauty and practical elegance.

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