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Celadon Deity Incense Holder

Celadon Deity Incense Holder

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Celadon Deity Incense Holder

Elevate your meditation and relaxation rituals with the serene elegance of the Celadon Deity Incense Holder, a testament to the timeless allure of Chinese artistry.

Brand Excellence

  • Brand: Ancient and Tea
  • Celebrating traditional craftsmanship, Ancient and Tea merges classic designs with contemporary living.

Premium Materials

  • Material: Finest Quality Ceramic
  • Meticulously fashioned from ceramic, each incense holder boasts a durable and exquisite finish.

Elegant Aesthetics

  • Style: Authentic Chinese
  • Capturing the essence of Chinese aesthetics, this incense holder features a deity figure in a graceful pose, reminiscent of ancient sculptures.

Color and Variety

  • Color Classification: Shadow Green
  • The subtle green hue complements the delicate form, evoking tranquility and harmony.

Product Options

  • Standard Lady holding incense
  • Special packages including a gift box or a matching cloth pad for a complete cultural experience.
  • Choose from additional accessories like a small ash receiving tray or incense sticks in various fragrances such as Agarwood and Australian Sandalwood.

Item Specifications

  • Item No.: Lady Incense
  • Dimensions: Length 16.6cm, Height 10.7cm
  • Fragrance Hole: Approximately 2mm

With the Celadon Deity Incense Holder, immerse yourself in the tranquility of ancient Chinese traditions, bringing a serene ambiance to any space.

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