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Dakota Lounge Chair

Dakota Lounge Chair

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Dakota Lounge Chair

Product Overview: The Dakota Lounge Chair by BROWN WHITE® is a celebration of artistic flair and modern simplicity. Crafted with the highest respect for family values and the essence of life, this chair is designed to add both practicality and aesthetic warmth to your home.

Quality and Comfort: Featuring a sturdy build from pine and plywood, and filled with a 45D high-elastic foam sponge, the Dakota Lounge Chair promises a seating experience that's smooth, comfortable, and retains its shape over time. The vertical backrest design ensures a soft, yet reliable support, enabling a reclining posture that naturally fits the contours of your body.

Design Philosophy: With a commitment to reducing unnecessary decor and adhering to a 'less is more' approach, the Dakota Lounge Chair blends seamlessly into any home decor. It's a piece that's not only good-looking but also creates a harmonious atmosphere.

Safety Assurance: BROWN WHITE® takes safety seriously. The materials used in the Dakota Lounge Chair have passed rigorous national quality and safety inspections, ensuring that it's suitable even for sensitive users like pregnant women and infants.

Dimensions and Handling:

  • Size: Length 70cm x Width 74cm x Height 79cm
  • Material: Pine + Plywood, 45D high-elastic sponge
  • Note: A 3-5cm size variation may occur, with the actual product's parameters prevailing.

Entry Instructions: Please ensure that your stairwell is at least 1.2 meters wide to accommodate the chair during delivery. For apartments, please verify elevator dimensions to avoid any transportation issues.

BROWN WHITE® - Beauty in Simplicity At BROWN WHITE®, we believe in creating furniture that stands at the intersection of art and practicality. The Dakota Lounge Chair is not just a piece of furniture; it's a statement of comfort and style designed for the discerning individual who values the beauty in simplicity.

Please note that due to the unique nature of furniture, the given size data is for reference only, and a 3-5cm error may be present. The specific details of the product are based on the actual item received.

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