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Diamond Tinted Glass

Diamond Tinted Glass

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Brand: Luguchuan
Material: Glass (High purity quartz sand, Lead-free)
Style: Nordic Style
Color Classification:

  • Ash Wine Glass (Diamond-encrusted champagne glass)
  • Pair of Cigarette Ash (Diamond-encrusted champagne cup)
  • Pair of Cigarette Ash Gift Box Version (Diamond-encrusted champagne glass)
    Item Number: 343433
    Number: 1
    Cup Type: Champagne Glass
    Handmade: Yes

Elegance Meets Innovation:

Introducing the Luguchuan Diamond Tinted Glass, where luxury and craftsmanship converge to create a masterpiece of light and brilliance. Inspired by the delicate balance of strength and beauty, these champagne glasses embody the spirit of Nordic elegance with a twist of sparkling allure.

Unique Features:

  • Pure Quartz Sand: Crafted from high purity quartz sand for enhanced hardness and transparency, offering a crystal-clear clarity that celebrates the purity of your beverage.
  • Lead-Free Excellence: Committed to health and environmental protection, our crystal materials undergo a lead removal treatment, ensuring a glass that is both safe and brilliantly clear.
  • Handblown Perfection: Each glass is meticulously shaped using traditional manual blowing and cutting techniques, marrying modern design with timeless artistry for an unparalleled user experience.

Quality Driven:

  • Material Selection and Craftsmanship: Carefully selected materials are blown by artisans with over 10 years of experience, ensuring precise thickness and even stress distribution for ideal strength.
  • Slippery Food-Grade Coating: Embraces a unique, non-mold blowing approach, ensuring every product is thoroughly inspected for elegance and specialty.

Maintenance & Care:

  • Hand Wash Recommended: To preserve the intricate diamond details, gentle hand washing is advised.
  • Dry and Store Carefully: Dry using a lint-free towel and store with care, avoiding contact between glasses to prevent damage.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Crystal lead-free glass
  • Capacity: 260ML
  • Handling: Not suitable for microwave heating, sterilization cabinets; supports hot water cleaning.

Design Story:

Emerging designer Monika Lubkowska-Jonas brings the Diamond Tinted Glass to life, drawing inspiration from the luxurious interplay of 2680 diamonds and glass. Each glass blooms with a dazzling brilliance that is not just a visual feast but a celebration of refined taste and sophistication.

A Piece of Art:

The Diamond Tinted Glass is not just a vessel for champagne; it's a statement. Whether gracing your table for a special occasion or displayed as a piece of art, this glass stands as a testament to the beauty of handcrafted perfection and the luxurious simplicity of Nordic design. Elevate your drinking experience and toast to the art of living well with Luguchuan's exquisite creation.

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