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Elephant & Woman Minimalist Decoration

Elephant & Woman Minimalist Decoration

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Design & Symbolism:

Each piece in the Ji Xiang collection stands as a testament to refined taste and cultural essence. The Elephant & Woman Minimalist Decoration, with its sleek lines and graceful forms, adds a contemporary yet timeless touch to any room. The Ji Xiang name resonates with 'luck' and 'prosperity', making these ornaments a meaningful addition to any collection.

Material and Craftsmanship:

Crafted from a premium composite grey material, the ornaments exude a high-end aura, underscored by durability. The advanced color clement model elevates the visual allure, while the texture of the material ensures a soft, luxurious feel to the touch.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: High-quality resin, selected for its longevity and aesthetic appeal.
  • Style: Simple and modern, perfect for a variety of decor themes.
  • Origin: Proudly designed and crafted in Mainland China.
  • Applicable Space: Ideally suited for the study or any contemplative space.
  • Color Classification: Available as a Lucky Elephant two-piece set, flocked Dumbo Elephant combination, dancing girl embracing rabbit, and embracing rabbit with faux book.
  • Customization: These pieces are crafted as unique works of art and cannot be customized.
  • Shape: Artistic animal forms that enliven any tabletop.
  • Type: Desktop ornament, designed to captivate and inspire.
  • Modifier: Creative accents that transform ordinary spaces.
  • Placement: Designed for easy placement, these pieces fit seamlessly into any setting.

Embrace Wisdom and Elegance:

In Chinese culture, elephants symbolize wisdom and strength, traits that are effortlessly embodied in the Ji Xiang Ornaments. These pieces encourage a life lived with joy and spiritual intelligence, embracing the challenges that come with a smart and enlightened attitude.

Design Heritage:

Conceived by senior designers, the Elephant & Woman Minimalist Decoration showcases a playful yet sophisticated sensibility. It is an authentic expression of creativity and high-end design, brought to you by the seasoned expertise of Union NO. 6.

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