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Fairy Floss Chest of Drawers

Fairy Floss Chest of Drawers

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Fairy Floss Chest of Drawers

Brand: Guji
Model: GUJIQTG01
Material: Artificial Board
Type of Artificial Board: Other
Pattern: Art
Style: Simple and Modern
Color Classification: Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D, Type E, Type F, Type G (Colors can be selected on the order note)
Customization: Yes
Additional Functions: Storage
Furniture Structure: Bracket Structure
Place of Origin: Shandong Province, Qingdao City
District and County: Other Districts
Taxi Transportability: No
Style Positioning: Quality Luxury

Discover the blend of modern simplicity and luxurious quality with the Fairy Floss Chest of Drawers by Guji. Crafted with precision in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, this exquisite piece brings an artistic touch to your home with its elegant patterns and a palette of colors to choose from—Type A through Type G, ensuring a perfect match for your interior decor.

Constructed from high-grade artificial board, this chest of drawers embodies durability and style. Its simple and modern design, complemented by a robust bracket structure, offers not only an appealing aesthetic but also practical storage solutions to keep your space organized.

Whether you're seeking to customize your furniture to fit your unique space or require additional storage functionality, the Fairy Floss Chest of Drawers adapts to your needs, promising a blend of luxury and practicality that's hard to find.

Note: Due to its quality construction and materials, taxi transportation is not available for this item. Choose your preferred color on our details page and embrace the luxury of simplicity in your home today.

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