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Snow Cave Cabinet

Snow Cave Cabinet

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Product Description: Snow Cave Cabinet

Colors and Materials: Available in two distinct colors, this cabinet is crafted from high-quality materials, offering multiple choices to match your interior design. The Snow Cave Cabinet combines practicality with aesthetic appeal, making it a small storage expert.


  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: Constructed with E1 environmentally friendly board and water-based paint, ensuring no harm to the human body. It boasts strong adhesion, waterproof, and heat-resistant properties.
  • Minimalist Style: Embracing simplicity and taste, this cabinet features a minimalist design with careful consideration to every detail and decoration. Its construction demands precision and meticulous workmanship, embodying the essence of minimalism with a calm and simple overall appearance.

Product Tips:

  1. Surface Cracks: Slight cracks on the surface are normal due to vibration during transportation.
  2. Stain Treatment: Use a slightly damp rag with a small amount of detergent for easy cleaning. Avoid prolonged direct contact with water or liquids.
  3. Spray Paint: The unique interior design may result in uneven spray paint in certain areas. This is not considered a quality issue.

Care Instructions:

  • Avoid soaking in water or exposing to high concentration chemicals.
  • Do not place corrosive objects on the surface.
  • Regularly clean and provide ventilation for water-based furniture surfaces, especially in humid environments.
  • Repaint water-based paint furniture every few years to maintain its appearance and durability.

Logistics and Delivery:

  • Goods ready for shipment within 48 hours.
  • Logistics or express delivery selection based on commodity type and delivery location.
  • Encourages inspection upon delivery for any transportation damage, with support for immediate resolution.

After-sales Service:

  • Non-product quality related returns or exchanges are supported, provided the product is in its original condition.

Safety Warning:

  • Install an anti-tipping device to ensure safety.
  • Includes a small installation package; keep away from children and pets.
  • Use anti-tip devices for products prone to tipping.


  • Hand-made by professional masters, each product is polished and tested for quality, despite its seemingly simple appearance.

Product Parameters:

  • Model No.: 2300824YY-DXG
  • Materials: E1 environmentally friendly board, water-based paint
  • Color: Glossy Surface/Grainy Texture Black Rit
  • Internal Space Dimensions: Various compartments ranging in size for versatile storage.
  • Origin: Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City

Celebrate the essence of minimalist design and functionality with the Snow Cave Cabinet, a testament to modern living where style meets practicality.

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