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VBI Adjustable Children Learning Desk and Chair

VBI Adjustable Children Learning Desk and Chair

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Brand: VBI
Model: Big White Table
Style: Simple and Modern
Color Classification: A plethora of options in Elegant White, ranging from 8060 to 12060 sizes, with hand-operated lift tables and lifting study chairs available in grey, blue, and pink. Limited-time loss offerings include table and chair sets designed to suit every preference.
Finishing Material: Artificial Board
Decoration Technology: Other/other
Customizable: No
Lifting Method: Hand crank
Additional Functions: Can be raised and lowered to accommodate growing children
Applicable Objects: Children
Furniture Structure: Bracket Structure
Origin: Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province
Assembly Required: Yes
Packaging Volume: 1
Included Components: Others
Taxi Transportable: Yes
Style Positioning: Economic
Installation: Instructions provided, including videos and simple tools for easy assembly

Elevate Your Child's Learning Experience:

  • Build to Last: Thicker, steadier, and ready for anything, the Big White Table boasts a thick carbon steel I-frame and enlarged foot muffs for unparalleled stability and double the load-bearing capacity.
  • Eye Protection Comes Standard: With an eye protection reflective coating and graffiti-resistant surface, this desk is built for everything from reading to drawing, all while keeping your child's eyes safe.
  • Ergonomically Designed for Health: Designed to combat the ill effects of long periods of sitting or poor posture, such as hunchback and myopia, ensuring your child's health and well-being as they grow.
  • Adaptable and Grow-With-Me: From elementary to high school, this desk and chair set is adjustable to match your child's growing needs, proving a steadfast companion through every step of their educational journey.

Super Six Learning Area:

  • Spacious and Unrestricted: The desktop's generous dimensions ensure that everything has its place, fostering an organized and focused study environment.
  • Innovative and Practical: Features like the reinforced crossbar do not impede leg stretching, while the anti-slip bottom corners enhance stability, proving that every detail is designed with your child's comfort in mind.

Peace of Mind with Every Purchase:

  • Safety and Sustainability: Passing national testing and certification, the VBI Big White Table uses environmentally friendly materials, providing more peace of mind for parents and a healthier planet for all.

Transform study time into a joyous occasion with the VBI Adjustable Children Learning Desk and Chair. With its thoughtful design, safety features, and stylish looks, it's not just a piece of furniture but a stepping stone to a brighter future. Say hello to happy, healthy learning with VBI - where children grow and desks adjust.

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